Thank you for your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency at LewisGale Medical Center. Our dedicated and active faculty offers you a unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals with an existing panel of patients. Our program brings you all the facets of a quality medical education experience.

Our diverse group of faculty come from all over the country and is similar to the local population, which is a mix of lifelong residents and people from all over that have chosen to make Southwestern Virginia their home.

What sets our program apart is our collegiality, approachability, and work ethic. You will find our doctors warm, respectful, caring, and with a focused interest in teaching. We have an affiliated program with the nearby Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salem to fulfill our goal to train well-rounded residents. We want doctors who are proud to be able to perform as a specialist, hospitalist, or ambulatory primary care doctor by the time they graduate. In the end, our focus is not only for you to have superb board scores and high level placement in fellowships, but for you to become a well-balanced, effective and fulfilled physician.

We have carefully designed the rotations using the 4+1 rotation schedule so you can dedicate your attention fully to either assigned inpatient or clinic responsibilities a in order to maximize your time in patient care and learning.

We know you are seeking a personalized educational experience and a program that is adaptive to your needs. We will guide you toward your ultimate goals with one-on-one mentoring and flexible schedules in the electives and ambulatory care. Please take the time to explore our competitive salaries, packages, and opportunities.

A rich community-based program supported by a dedicated faculty and affiliations with significant area schools sets you up for success. We know you have a choice. When you consider LewisGale, see our growth and opportunities, and learn about the active lifestyle of being located in this beautiful region with its vibrant local culture, we are confident LewisGale Medical Center will be the next chapter in your medical education.

We encourage you to learn more about our people and program, experience living in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, and find out what makes our program truly exceptional.

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