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Please Note: Prior approval from the facility must be obtained before filling out any of this information.

Code of Conduct Orientation Training

All students must complete the Code of Conduct Orientation Training and print the certificate. If you have any difficulties with the training module, we have posted some helpful hints below.

  1. Do not use middle initials or any unusual characters that may be in your name. The system will not recognize it and you will not be given check marks.
  2. I am not getting check marks on each section:
    • You must complete each section in its entirety to receive a check mark. If you are not getting a check mark for a section, you have not completed something in that section that the program is requiring. Carefully proceed through each section, clicking on all links, policies and “videos.”
  3. I cannot print the certificate:
    • Before beginning the program, make sure the computer you are using is connected to a printer
    • If you cannot access the certificate, some portion of the program was not completed. Go back through each section, making sure each link, policy and “video” is clicked and completed.
  4. I wasn’t able to complete the training in one session, but when I went back to complete it, I had to start all over:
    • You must use the same computer each time
    • If you clicked on the red X to leave the session instead of clicking the EXIT button, your session was lost
  5. I am having trouble loading the program:
    • Try using a different internet provider
    • Try using a faster computer
  6. I can see the certificate, but I am having trouble printing it:
    • A screen shot of the certificate will suffice as proof that the program was completed. To take a screen shot, hold down the CTRL button and press the Print Screen button. Then paste in a word document.
    • A photo taken of the screen with the certificate displayed will work as well (student’s name must be on the certificate)
  7. If you continue to experience issues, please notify your instructor or program coordinator; they will arrange with the hospital hosting your clinical rotation for use of a computer at that hospital to complete the training.

Student Education Tool Checklist

All students entering HCA for clinicals that involve direct patient contact, or for observation only, must complete all of the following:

  1. Read the Student Education Tool.
  2. Complete the online Student Education Tool Post-test. Minimal passing score is 80%. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of your test results. If you passed the test, print a copy of your notice and give it to your designated faculty member. If you did not achieve a passing score, review the Student Education Tool and retake the Post-test for a passing score.
  3. Print, read and sign the HCA Confidentiality and Security Agreement. Give the signed copy to your designated faculty member.
  4. Print, read and sign Exhibit A: Statement of Responsibility and Exhibit B: Protected Health Information, Confidentiality, and Security Agreement. Submit the completed forms to your designated faculty member.
  5. All students are required to submit a release form for a background check regardless of the hospital. To access the release form, go to:

    1. For LewisGale Medical Center students, enter the code 7575
    2. For Alleghany students, enter the code 2366
    3. For Montgomery Regional students, enter the code 9464

    Follow the additional instructions listed on the website to complete the form.

  6. For Pulaski students, print and complete this Student Background and Verification Order Form.
  7. Print and fill out the Parking Application and give it to your designated faculty member (this application applies only to students at LewisGale Medical Center).
  8. Read the Substance Use in the Workplace Policy, print out the acknowledgment form and sign. Submit all forms to your designated faculty member.
  9. Give the completed forms to your designated faculty member. We must receive your completed forms at least two weeks before your first day at HCA. Failure to comply with this request could affect your clinical rotation at HCA.

All downloadable material is in Adobe PDF format, and requires Acrobat Reader to open. Download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Faculty Documentation

All faculty entering HCA for clinicals that involve direct patient contact, or for observation only, must complete all of the following:

Student Evaluation of Clinical Site

This evaluation is to be completed at the end of the clinical rotation.