Pulaski, VA, Augusts, 2013 – The word “uniform” is defined as “a distinctive set of clothes worn to identify somebody's occupation, affiliation, or status”.  Years ago the nurses’ white caps identified them as nurses. Patients knew immediately that the cap meant the individual attending to their needs was a professional and was qualified to be providing medical care.  As medical staff clothing has changed over the years, patients were no longer able to discern the type of care they could expect from the wide variety of hospital employees in their rooms at any given time.

Recognizing this, LewisGale Hospital Pulaski initiated a new dress code policy in August to help patients and their visitors more easily identify the healthcare professionals caring for them. The facility’s Nursing Professional Development Council spearheaded the changes to the current policy. With the new policy, each department involved in direct patient care will wear a different color coded uniform.

“This is just another example of our commitment to clinical excellence,” said Mark Nichols, CEO, LewisGale Hospital Pulaski. “This dress code creates a more uniform and professional image for our staff and provides our patients with a sense of comfort knowing they can more easily identify who is in their room and the role of the employee involved in their care.”

The hospital has posted flyers throughout the facility explaining the new dress code policy with a visual image of each uniform.  All of nursing transitioned to the new uniforms on August 1 and the other departments will complete transition by October 1. 

Color code by Department:

  • CNAs – Cranberry
  • Lab – Caribbean Blue
  • Pharmacy – Grape
  • Respiratory Therapy – Ciel Blue
  • Radiology – Pewter Gray
  • RNs & LPNs – Navy and White
  • Pharmacy – Grape
  • Physical Therapy – Black

The new policy is part of the hospitals new Service Excellence program.