Blacksburg, Virginia, October, 2013 LewisGale Hospital Montgomery hosted a surprise birthday party for one of its dedicated volunteers, Lee Brown. He turned 100 years old on October 16. More than 50 people turned out for the celebration including his fellow volunteers, hospital staff and his family.

Since 2006, Lee has volunteered more than 3100 hours at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, most recently in Health Information Management. Lee and his wife moved to the area to be closer to their son after losing almost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteer Manager Rhonda Whaling planned the birthday party. She felt it was important for the hospital to celebrate this major milestone with Lee.

“He does so much for the hospital,” said Rhonda. “He volunteers five days a week without a compliant. Lee proves that age is just a number and anything is possible. He is one of those people that makes you smile just by speaking with him.”

When asked what he thought of being 100 and still volunteering, Lee simply stated he does it to keep going and it gives him something meaningful to do.

“We all must keep percolating,” he said with a smile. “It keeps me out of trouble. And boy how I can get into trouble.”