LewisGale Medical Center held a Sign-the-Beam Ceremony today to celebrate a milestone in construction of its new standalone emergency room, at the corner of Route 419 / Ogden Road, the first of its kind in Southwest Virginia.

“LewisGale Medical Center has seen a 30 percent increase in ER volume over the past three years and that number is expected to continue growing,” said Brian Baumgardner, CEO of LewisGale Medical Center and market president of the Health System. “With the demand of emergency services growing in our community, partly due to an aging population, we recognized a need to provide additional high quality emergency services in the area.

“Additionally, more individuals are choosing LewisGale for their emergency care needs due to our reputation of providing fast, quality care. The ER is the front door to most hospitals, and it is our priority to provide the fastest care possible. Evidence-based studies have demonstrated that faster care is essential for better health outcomes. It also reduces the stress and anxiety among patients and their family members,” stated Baumgardner.

"We are pleased to welcome LewisGale's new investment in Roanoke County with the launch of an innovative emergency services center strategically positioned on the 419 corridor,” said Tom Gates, Roanoke County Administrator. “This project begins the process of implementing the County's redevelopment strategy recently identified in the 419 Town Center plan, while enhancing the economic base and services provided to the community."

The new nearly 10,000 square-foot standalone ER will be staffed with board-certified emergency room physicians and nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide the same services provided in an emergency room that is housed within the walls of a hospital.

Designed to meet the community’s needs, the new center will feature:

  • Pedestrian and ambulance entrances
  • Eight private treatment rooms
  • CT capabilities
  • Digital ultrasound
  • Digital diagnostic and portable X-rays
  • On-site laboratory
  • Secure hold exam for behavioral health patients
  • Direct admission capabilities

The new center is scheduled to open in late 2017.