Blacksburg, VA, December, 2013 – While most kids her age are playing with toys or video games, 10-year-old Callie Addikis has found another passion – sewing. What started as a hobby at five years old has turned into a way to help others. Over the past few months, Callie has donated 15 of her hand-made huggable pillows to patients at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. The hospital has given the pillows to both children and adults who have undergone surgery.

“Giving our pediatric patients a pillow gives them something to concentrate on rather than their recent surgery and pain,” said Amy Woods, Surgical Services Director.

“The pillows are great to support incisions while patients are coughing and deep breathing to prevent pneumonia post operatively,” said Joy Gillman, Pediatric Med-Surg Director.

Callie made her first huggables for her grandmother and father after their surgeries to help them heal. One day while brainstorming with her mother she came up with the idea to make them for other people. Her huggables come in different sizes and patterns to fit a variety of patients.

“Callie is very sensitive to other people’s suffering,” said Callie’s mother Stephanie. “She even cried at Thanksgiving for the turkey. She just has an innate sense and belief that she can help people.”

Callie’s generosity has touched many at the hospital.

“We are so impressed with the level of compassion and maturity Callie has shown by making these pillows for our patients,” said Alan Fabian, CEO, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. “She sets a great example for all of us.”