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Are you at risk for a heart attack?

Candy is great, but the best gift you can give a loved one this month is a heart that keeps on ticking. Make sure yours is up to the challenge.

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Is it heartburn or a heart attack?

The symptoms of heartburn can be confusing and scary as they are very similar to those of a heart attack.


  • usually happens after eating or when you are lying down
  • is a burning sensation below the breast bone
  • can be accompanied by nausea, which generally goes away as your stomach settles down
  • if recurring, can damage the esophagus and cause other serious problems

A Heart Attack:

  • causes different symptoms in men and women
  • may happen after exertion or stress, but can occur unexpectedly
  • feels like a crushing weight or pressure in the center of the chest
  • can cause discomfort in the upper body, with pain or tightness in shoulders, neck, arms or jaw
  • can also be accompanied by nausea, along with cold sweats, shortness of breath, possible vomiting and lightheadedness
  • should never be ignored. If pain lasts more than a few minutes, go to the emergency room

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