Putting up a good front but feeling like your life is in turmoil? Help is nearby.

Check for these signs of chemical dependency. If you, a loved one or friend have several, you may need to find professional help. Discuss the situation with your doctor right away.

In crisis? For immediate evaluation and 24-hour access at approved sites and hospital emergency rooms, call LewisGale’s assessment line at (800) 541-9992.

Signs of Chemical Dependency

  • Trouble at work, in school or at home due to drinking or drug use
  • Consistently drinking or using drugs more than you intend
  • Experiencing "blackouts"— loss of memory while drinking or using drugs
  • Arguing with family or friends because of alcohol or drug use
  • Increased tolerance — needing more of the substance for the same effect
  • Drinking or using drugs alone
  • Drinking or using drugs to cope with a problem
  • Feeling depressed after becoming sober
  • Feeling guilty about drinking or drug use