At LewisGale our care for you, your baby and your family continues beyond delivery.

Postpartum Care

After delivery, you’ll experience family-centered care that allows your baby to remain with you up to 24 hours a day. Your husband, partner or designated support person can stay with you and your baby during your entire hospital stay.

Your family will receive personalized attention from skilled nursing and support care teams, who will be available at all times to provide you with care, support and education. Our method of care enables our nurses to spend more time in your room when you need coaching, encouragement or advice. Even experienced mothers appreciate this opportunity to learn—or relearn—the finer points of newborn care within the secure environment of the hospital. Our Board Certified Pediatricians are always on call for any infant emergency. Learn more about our primary care options, including pediatrics.

While we encourage mothers to have their babies in the room with them to help nurture mother and baby bonding, we do respect your choice of deciding what’s best for you, your baby and your need to renew and recover before heading home. Rest assured that even when your little one is out of sight, your baby is safe and secure in our nursery with staff trained and dedicated to infant care.

Your Baby’s First Day

The birth of your baby is a momentous event, and we want your first hours with your newborn to be special and memorable. We encourage you to keep your baby skin-to-skin with you as much as possible, especially during the “Golden Hour” – the first hour after birth. Skin-to-skin contact during this time eases your baby’s transition into this new world and makes breastfeeding easier. Even if you have a Cesarean section, you may be able to enjoy this special time with your baby right in the operating room! Plan to keep visitors to a minimum on the first day, so that you and your baby can rest, relax and recover

Newborn screening takes place before your newborn leaves the hospital. Our screening now tests your baby for more than 28 different disorders, based on State of Virginia standards. Most tests use just a few drops of blood from pricking a baby’s heel. A non-invasive hearing screening will be performed, requiring the infant to be quiet and still. If a screening test suggests a problem, your baby’s doctor will follow up with further testing.

Health Screenings

Several newborn screening tests will take place before your baby leaves the hospital.

  • Metabolic screening (formerly called PKU), which now tests your baby for more than 28 different disorders, based on State of Virginia standards. This test uses just a few drops of blood from a heel stick, and the results are automatically reported to your baby’s doctor.
  • A non-invasive hearing screening test.
  • CCHD screening, which tests for congenital heart diseases
  • Jaundice screening, using a non-invasive tool
  • Car Seat Testing will be performed if your baby is born before 37 weeks gestation, to ensure that your baby maintains appropriate oxygen levels and his/her airway remains open while riding in the car seat

If any of the screening tests suggest a problem, your baby’s doctor will follow up with further testing.

Breastfeeding Support

Our IBCLC board-certified lactation consultants provide extensive support to new mothers learning how to breastfeed, regardless of where you delivered your baby.

  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • Telephone consultations:
    • LewisGale Hospital Montgomery: (540) 953-5409
    • LewisGale Medical Center: (540) 776-4663
  • Breast pumps and supplies available for rent or purchase
  • Local La Leche League meetings available for additional support

In October 2015, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery was designated as a Baby-Friendly Hospital. This prestigious international award recognizes that our hospital promotes, protects, and supports breastfeeding by providing the best research-based care for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. To learn more about the benefits of delivering your baby at a Baby-Friendly hospital, visit

LewisGale Hospital Montgomery 2015-2020

Heading Home

We provide each family with detailed instructions to help you through your first weeks at home with your baby. And as always, our Consult-A-Nurse Team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have as a new mom. Call (877) 242-2362.

Car Seat Safety

Please install your baby’s car seat prior to arriving at the hospital for delivery, as this is required before you can take your baby home. We highly recommend that you contact your local fire or police department for installation assistance and an additional safety check.

Postpartum Depression

It’s not unusual for a woman to experience an emotional letdown after delivery. Postpartum depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, confusion, anxiety and other signs of depression. While the causes of postpartum depression vary, sleep deprivation is a primary culprit. To minimize postpartum depression, be certain to set aside time to rest while your baby is sleeping. Talk to your family and friends about how you’re feeling, and avoid spending too much time alone.

In some cases, medical treatment may be required for postpartum depression. If you experience symptoms that last more than a few weeks or impair your ability to function, speak to your doctor. Learn more about postpartum depression at our online Health Library.