When your brain and nervous system—the command center for your life—are at risk, you want the best care in the business. That means the most experienced surgeons and specialists, the latest technology, and a successful track record of helping people recover their health and regain critical skills. At LewisGale Regional Health System, we’re recognized for our quality of care—and we get results.

Your First Choice for Brain, Neurological & Stroke Care

When you choose LewisGale, you choose a health system that excels in brain, nervous system and stroke care. Through our partnership with neurologists, you benefit from our patient-centered care, including:

  • Quick action, speedy diagnosis and immediate treatment for neurological conditions and stroke, vastly improving your chances of recovery
  • Advanced technology, such as intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery—a minimally invasive choice sometimes known as Synergy S—to treat brain tumors and other neurological disorders
  • A nationally-accredited Stroke Center at LewisGale Medical Center

Health professionals involved in your care collaborate in weekly multispecialty team conferences and coordinate their efforts to ensure you receive the best possible treatments with the best possible results.

Explore the full range of stroke, brain and nervous system conditions we treat at LewisGale.

Advanced Technology for Precision & Accuracy

Take advantage of our brain, nervous system and stroke care technology for detailed imaging, which leads to more accurate diagnoses and more targeted treatment.

  • Digital biplane angiography (3DRA) — This high-resolution tool supports effective diagnosis involving blood vessels or tumors in the brain and spine
  • Tests and imaging services, including electroencephalogram (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), advanced MRI, CT and ultrasound—providing important assessments and detailed images that are key for precise diagnosis and treatment

Our minimally invasive options result in shorter surgeries with better outcomes, including more tumor cells removed in a single procedure, less time in the hospital and a quicker return to daily life.

Learn about our advanced options for diagnosis and treatment of stroke, brain and nervous system conditions.

Stroke Services at LewisGale

Time = Brain. Delays can cost you brain cells when you’re having a stroke. All our hospitals work with EMS providers in their local communities to deliver brain-saving care within the critical first three hours after symptoms appear. We can administer new clot-dissolving drugs and help avoid permanent brain damage, diminished capacity or death. Together, our fast actions and response give you the greatest chance of recovery that preserves the best possible quality of life.