Individualized, Compassionate Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer affects one in eight women and is an emotional, difficult journey for every woman whose life changes following a cancer diagnosis. In the midst of this great challenge, patients who choose LewisGale Regional Health System find much-needed comfort and hope knowing they’re being treated locally by some of the nation’s best cancer specialists. This team of highly skilled breast cancer experts makes your comfort, confidence and well-being a priority, with an approach to breast cancer focused on screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Breast Cancer Screening

Guidelines related to breast cancer screening often can be confusing for patients because of the frequency with which those recommendations change, as well as the number of organizations issuing updated information. LewisGale Health System suggests that patients follow the American Cancer Society’s recommendations related to screening, which today call for a woman to receive an annual screening mammogram to aid in early detection of breast cancer. To help deliver the most accurate results possible, LewisGale utilizes the latest screening technology available in the fight against breast cancer, including:

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

At LewisGale, patients and their treatment team have access to the latest diagnostic options and state-of-the art technology close to home – eliminating the added stress patients often experience when forced to travel long distances for treatment. This blend of technology and compassionate care makes LewisGale Regional Health System your local choice for expert breast cancer diagnosis utilizing the following diagnostic tools:

Breast Cancer Treatment

Why should you choose LewisGale for your breast cancer treatment? Using leading-edge medical technology, our breast cancer treatment team includes breast surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, nutritionists, a genetic counselor, a nurse navigator, and other clinical support staff. Working together, they collaborate daily using a multi-disciplinary approach to determine and deliver the most effective, customized treatment plan that’s as unique as each individual patient and their breast cancer. Some of the treatment options we offer include:

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