When your relative, friend or loved one is admitted to a Critical Care/Intensive Care Unit (CCU/ICU) at LewisGale Regional Health System for close monitoring and treatment, rest assured their health is our highest priority.

Exceptional Care for Critically Ill Patients

While our specially trained medical staff provides total patient care for individuals who need close observation and treatment, we need your help and support to fully deliver the best possible care. We encourage your questions and concerns. And we ask that you follow guidelines and visiting hours put in place for the well-being of our patients.

  • ICU Visiting Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm
  • ICU Quiet Hours: 9:00pm - 8:00am

Quiet Time to Rest

An important aspect of intensive care treatment is providing time for patients to rest without interruption in a quiet environment, a practice that promotes healing. Our guidelines for visitors are designed to offer critically ill patients the optimal setting for recovery and renewal.

Guidelines for Critical Care/Intensive Care Visitors

You can help us help your loved one. Please:

  • Limit visitors to two at the patient’s bedside at any given time during regular visiting hours (until quiet hours); consider restricting the length and number of visits to help your loved one rest and heal
  • Exchange visitors and information in the waiting areas, not at the bedside or in doorways
  • Use the waiting area when not visiting in the patient’s room to help avoid extra traffic in hallways, doorway, and the ICU itself, which helps us comply with all fire and safety regulations and patient confidentiality regulations
  • Use hand sanitizers located on the wall near the door of each room when entering and leaving; infection control guidelines are set to assist patient recovery—GEL IN and GEL OUT
  • Do not bring flowers, plants or animals into the ICU
  • Do not eat or drink in the patient’s room
  • Keep cell phone use to a minimum and conversations in a quiet tone; set phone ringers on very low volume or vibrate
  • Consider the risk to ICU patients and the need for your visit if you have a fever or symptoms of an illness that could spread (cold, flu) and reschedule your visit
  • Provide direct supervision for children; for safety reasons, they should not sit or crawl on the floor
  • Take time to rest and care for yourself so you remain in the best health possible to support your loved one’s recovery

In-Room Procedures

Giving your family member or loved one the best care possible is as important to us as it is to you. At times, we may ask visitors to step out of the critical care unit and into the waiting areas while we perform procedures or respond to a crisis situation with any patient.

Your Designated Primary Contact Person

We ask you to designate one person to serve as the primary contact person to receive updates on your friend, family member or loved one’s condition from the ICU nursing staff. All phone calls regarding the patient’s condition will be referred to the patient’s designated contact person.

Your primary contact person will receive a privacy code, which must be provided with the patient’s name when calling for updates. With the patient’s name and privacy code, we’ll transfer your call to the nurse caring for your loved one. Our nurses will contact your spokesperson if there is any change in your loved one’s condition.

Hotels Located Nearby

Visitors may not stay overnight in patient rooms at LewisGale critical care units. You’ll find accommodations with varying price ranges near our hospitals if family members want to stay close.