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Our hospitals consistently rank among the top in the nation for evidence-based heart care that's proven to provide our patients with the best outcomes possible. We are also the only health system in Southwest Virginia with fully accredited chest pain centers at all of our hospitals. That's why you can trust us with your heart. Please take a moment to learn more about your heart and the services we can provide to help you live a heart healthy life.

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Hear From Our Patients and Staff About the Care We Provide

They tell Joanne that she died, but all she remembers is cleaning the house one day and climbing into the shower. The next thing she knew it was three days later and she was at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. There she learned that the ER team, nurses and cardiologists had brought her back to life. It all seems like a distant dream as Joanne plots a course for better nutrition, activity and also a cruise to Europe. At LewisGale our journey to provide the best care never ends.

Hilda just celebrated another birthday this year, and she feels younger today than she did this time last year. This is thanks to the cardiology team at LewisGale Medical Center and the procedure that Hilda says, “was the easiest surgery I ever had.” She recovered quickly and returned home to find renewed joy in even simple chores like pulling weeds. The doctors, nurses and staff at LewisGale continue to earn accreditation and accolades for outcomes and expertise in cardiac care. But none mean as much to the LewisGale team as Hilda’s declaration that to her, they are also, “the sweetest bunch of doctors in the world.”

Shawn remembers getting on the bus – but getting off the bus on a stretcher with help of EMTs is a mystery to him. The same applies the hypothermia treatment that helped sustain his body until the talented cardiologists at LewisGale could bring him back to life. It’s a staggering thing to learn one has died…and to live to tell the tale. But Shaw’s back on the bus and excited to see where his new life will take him.

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