Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields, not radiation, to make pictures of the internal organs and structures inside the body. MRIs help doctors diagnose conditions and internal injuries and check to see if medicines or treatments are working.

LewisGale offers MRI services at all of our hospitals and is a leader in introducing advanced MRI technologies to Southwest Virginia, such as the Signa HDx 3T system. This innovative high-definition imaging system enables high resolution imaging of large areas such as the abdomen, spine, major joints and the whole body. It allows doctors to spot tumors and is particularly useful for neurologic studies. We also offer wide-bore MRI to accommodate large patients and short-bore MRI (patients are not fully enclosed in the MRI chamber).

How You Benefit

An MRI lets your doctor take a closer look at parts of the body than what’s possible with other imaging methods, such as X-ray. This is useful in diagnosing and treating a broad range of conditions.

What to Expect

Learn more about magnetic resonance imaging at our online Health Library. Find out what to expect if you’re scheduled for a breast MRI.