Outstanding Neonatal Intensive Care in Southwest Virginia

If your new baby needs help transitioning to life outside the womb, you can trust the team at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery to provide excellent support and treatment.

Our Level II NICU (also called a special care nursery) provides 24/7 care to newborns who were born a few weeks early or have mild health problems. Most just need a little extra care and attention until they’re strong enough to go home. But if your infant needs more advanced care for a serious or life-threatening condition, we’ll arrange for safe transport to a higher-level NICU at one of our partner hospitals.

Why Choose LewisGale Hospital Montgomery for Neonatal Intensive Care

Families count on us for:

  • Advanced expertise. Our experienced team is led by neonatologists (doctors with special training in caring for sick or premature newborns). It also includes neonatal clinical nurse specialists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and lactation consultants.
  • Premier care for preemies. We’re equipped to treat babies born between 32-35 weeks, who weigh as little as 3.3 pounds.
  • Support for immature lungs. We have the respiratory equipment and staff necessary to treat babies who temporarily need help breathing.

High Quality Care for Minor Neonatal Concerns

Our NICU team cares for babies who need extra medical attention but aren’t sick enough to require critical care. We specialize in:

  • Babies born a little early
  • Smaller-than-average babies
  • Mild respiratory problems that, with proper care, resolve within 24 hours
  • Minor conditions, such as jaundice, that don’t require urgent subspecialty care
  • Moderate complications that occur during labor and delivery, including small amounts of meconium in the lungs
  • Babies who can’t stay warm on their own and need to be placed in an incubator
  • Babies who aren’t yet strong enough to feed on their own

Superior Service and Support

Our family-centered services include:

  • Unlimited bonding. We encourage you to spend plenty of hands-on time with your baby, holding or feeding as much as possible. We also welcome visitation with siblings and grandparents whenever possible.
  • Exceptional breastfeeding support. Our Baby-Friendly Hospital accreditation confirms our policies and practices meet the gold standard for promoting successful breastfeeding. Our nurses and lactation consultants are specially trained to make sure you feel supported and informed as you and your baby begin your breastfeeding journey.
  • A family waiting room. Our dedicated lounge allows you to catch up on work, spend time with other family members, find educational resources, or communicate with your baby’s caregivers.
  • Considerate communication. Our caregivers understand this is a stressful time for your family. We’ll make sure you stay well-informed while your baby is well-cared-for.

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