Support the LewisGale NICU!

LewisGale has applied again to open a neonatal intensive care unit (or “NICU”) at LewisGale Medical Center to take care of newborns that have special medical needs that cannot currently be met in the hospital nursery. The NICU will provide a standard of care that is routinely available to patients in other parts of Virginia.Your support is critical to the success of this important application.

Why is a NICU at LewisGale So Important?

  • A NICU at LewisGale Medical Center will reduce the number of babies who must be transferred to another hospital after birth.
  • The first hour of a newborn baby’s life (known as the “Golden Hour”) is the most critical hour of life,babies should not have this time consumed by transfers when they are needed.
  • Transfers are traumatizing to the baby and parents, and they hinder parents’ ability to bond, breastfeed, and stay with the doctors and nurses they know and trust.
  • Reducing the number of baby transfers will reduce the emotional strains and financial costs for families in an already exhausting, stressful, and costly situation.

What Can I Do to Help?

Please consider supporting our request. By signing our online petition, and leaving your comments for The Commissioner. Signing your name alongside other concerned citizens lets the Commissioner know just how many Virginians are standing in support of this important project.

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