Preparing for Positive Outcomes

As part of our continuum of care, our orthopedic staff offers classes and resources that answer your questions and help you get ready for your surgery or procedure. Understanding your condition, your treatment plan and how to manage your pain can help you recuperate better and prevent future injuries.

Getting Started

The joint and spine staff will help direct you to the appropriate classes and resources to learn about your condition and treatment. Check out the course offerings online and sign up for the ones that best meet your schedule.

Joint Camps for Hip & Knee Replacement Patients

These classes provide detailed information for patients, families and other caregivers about what to expect and do before and after joint replacement surgery. Participants receive booklets with in-depth instructions and advice for ensuring an optimal recovery.

Watch a Class

View the online version of our Joint Replacement Class.

Find a Class

View our educational seminars and class offerings.