Meeting the Highest Standards of Surgical Care

Our experienced joint, spine, and neurosurgeons at LewisGale have been recognized by national accrediting bodies for excellence and innovation in surgical care, yet we continually seek new, better and less invasive ways to repair bones and joints. Our surgical care has the lowest infection rates in Virginia, as well as length-of-stay and readmission rates that are below national averages.

When a surgical procedure is the best treatment option for your joint, bone or spine concern, you can rely on the experts at LewisGale to provide the highest level of evidence-based surgical care and rehabilitation.

Orthopedic Surgical Specialties

Our surgical specialties include:

  • Specialized spine surgeries, including microsurgical and minimally invasive spine surgery and cervical spine surgery
  • Direct anterior hip replacement — a minimally invasive total hip replacement surgery using smaller surgical cuts and muscle-sparing techniques
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction and repair — a surgery used to remove or repair torn tissue or cartilage from the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle or elbow and realign or reconstruct ligaments and bones
  • Microsurgery of the hand — to repair delicate arteries, veins, nerves and ligaments of the hands
  • Joint replacement — total or partial surgery of the hip, knee, elbow, wrist and shoulder using an artificial joint made of metal and plastic to replace the old joint
  • Hip resurfacing

Virginia’s Leading Spine Surgery Team

Spinal surgery requires a high degree of skill and precision due to the proximity of the spinal cord and nerves. LewisGale’s team of neurosurgeons and spine surgeons have years of experience using innovative surgical techniques that improve patient outcomes. We emphasize a conservative approach to treatment and perform minimally invasive surgery whenever possible.

View an instructional video about back pain relief and spine surgery options.

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