Expecting a baby? Thinking about starting a family? Take advantage of our experienced staff and comprehensive pregnancy and birth resources at LewisGale. You’ll love the special care you receive from us throughout this amazing experience.

Classes for Expecting Parents & Families

Explore LewisGale’s prenatal and parenting classes for you and your family members, including breastfeeding support and new mom support groups.

Labor & Delivery

Experience one-on-one nursing care during labor, and enjoy our private birthing rooms large enough for family members to help welcome your newborn. Learn about labor and delivery at LewisGale.

After Your Baby Arrives

Once your baby comes, we’ll take great care of both of you. We offer family-centered attention and sleep accommodations for your partner. Our board-certified lactation consultants help ease you and your baby into breastfeeding, and our expert nurses will help you to recover from your birth and become comfortable caring for your new baby before you head home. Learn how we care for you and your baby.

Baby Photography

Mom 365: http://www.mom365.com/babyphotography/va/lewis-gale-medical-center

Tour a Maternity Care Center

Tour one of our Maternity Care Centers and see for yourself all we’re going to do to make you and your new baby’s stay healthy, happy and memorable. Call our Consult-a-Nurse® team 24/7 at (877) 242-2362 to schedule a tour.

Take a look at the Maternity Care Centers at LewisGale Medical Center and LewisGale Hospital Montgomery.