Whether you're coping with the aftermath of a stroke or working to overcome functional limitations created by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, brain injuries, balance disorders or other neurological conditions, you want to restore your capacity for full, active living as quickly as possible.

Your Comprehensive Source for Brain, Nervous System & Stroke Rehab

At LewisGale Regional Health System, you can expect us to be with you all the way along your path to recovery. While you're still a hospital patient in acute care, we begin your rehabilitation right in your room, helping you launch the process of reclaiming your abilities.

Within our comprehensive healthcare network, you can also take advantage of additional rehabilitation services and treatments, including:

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation For qualified candidates; focused, intensive treatments and therapies during a designated period of time within the hospital setting
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Extensive range of multifaceted treatments and therapies (speech/language, swallowing, physical, occupational, aquatic, and more) delivered with one-on-one support and tailored to your situation
  • Rehabilitation Therapies and Treatments Variety of options (Bioness, VitalStim®, FES Cycle) to retrain the body's electrical impulses and nervous system for improved function and control in hands, arms, legs, throat and other areas

Progress, Convenience, Continuity

As you get better and better, you can mark your improvements while continuing as a member of our caring community. You'll easily maintain your physician relationships and enjoy the comfort of interacting with our compassionate clinical staff while receiving care in a familiar and welcoming environment.

Learn more about brain, nervous system and stroke-related services and treatments available at LewisGale, including brain tumor care, cancer care and our variety of rehabilitation offerings.