Trouble coping? Need help?

We’re here and we RESPOND® to you 24/7. Call (800) 541-9992 for immediate assistance.

Free Crisis Line 24/7

RESPOND®—our free, 24-hour crisis line for assistance, assessment and referral—lets you talk with a trained mental health professional any time of the day or night. Through RESPOND®, you or your loved ones receive support and encouragement to address your concerns. When counseling or other treatment is indicated, the staff at RESPOND® connects you to the appropriate programs and services.

Identifying At-Risk Individuals

Because we know life can be messy and events or actions in one area can affect everything else, the care you receive through the LewisGale Regional Health System addresses the whole person. Dealing with chronic back pain, diabetes, heart problems, cancer diagnosis or day-to-day stresses can sometimes feel overwhelming. We can help. With evidence-based practice information from HCA, LewisGale’s parent organization, we’ve implemented suicide risk assessments in our hospital facilities region-wide to identify at-risk individuals who many need monitoring or referral so we can provide assistance right away.