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LewisGale Regional Health System formally introduced robotics surgery in 2013 at LewisGale Medical Center, its regional referral center in the Roanoke Valley. In the summer of 2017, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, located in the New River Valley, began offering robotics surgery. In addition to a da Vinci Si Surgical System at both of these facilities, LewisGale Medical Center has a da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical System which can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures and has been optimized for multi-quadrant surgeries in the areas of gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery.

Specially trained surgeons and robotics team - A surgeon specializing in robotic surgery at LewisGale Regional Health System has undergone specialized and intensive training to use the specific robot required for your surgery. In fact, you can rest easier knowing your entire highly experienced team of anesthesiologists, nurses, assistants and surgical techs are also trained to support each surgeon’s needs during robotic-assisted surgery.

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