LewisGale Regional Health System provides comprehensive testing and imaging services to patients and physicians throughout Southwest Virginia for the highest level of accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Our network of full-service inpatient and outpatient diagnostic facilities provides convenient, personalized and comfortable care, with accessible parking, easy registration and same-day or next-day availability for many procedures.

Diagnostic Testing & Imaging Experience You Can Count On

Our board-certified physicians and radiologists use the latest advances in imaging and radiological technology to help your doctor accurately diagnose and treat your condition for optimal results. At LewisGale you can count on faster turnaround for your test results and the highest level of professional, personalized service.

Tests and imaging procedures available within the LewisGale network include:

X-ray services

X-rays use small doses of radiation to create pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are especially helpful for bone fractures and joint injuries. They can also be used to find an infection, locate tumors, look for fluid in the lungs, locate the cause of an intestinal obstruction and diagnose heart and large blood vessel problems.

How You Benefit from X-ray services

X-ray procedures are painless, fast and easy. Medical X-rays have increased the ability to detect disease or injury early enough for a medical problem to be managed, treated and cured. Because X-ray imaging is fast and easy, it’s particularly useful in emergency diagnosis and treatment.

What to expect from X-ray services

Learn more about X-rays, including what to expect, at our online Health Library.

Additionally, we offer minimally invasive radiological procedures that can replace surgery and reduce recovery time.

The Power of Our Network for Fast Results

Complementing our testing and imaging technology, our Picture Archival Communication System (PACS) allows doctors fast access to your medical records, images and test results from anywhere in the LewisGale network. Doctors can use PACS to share images instantaneously with a consulting physician to help ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis.