While you’re taking care of everyone else, be sure to take care of yourself. LewisGale Women’s Care offers the high quality care and personal attention you need and deserve.

Your Best Choice for Personal, Experienced Women’s Care

At LewisGale, we provide women of all ages and stages of life with comprehensive, compassionate and award-winning care. You can feel confident choosing LewisGale for your health needs because we:

  • Combine warm, personalized birth care with extensive experience. We’ve delivered thousands of babies over the years.
  • Raised the standard for surgical care for women, earning designation as a "Center of Excellence in Women’s Health" from the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, which means less pain, faster recoveries and a faster return to your active life.
  • Offer breast care supported by the latest technology, including advanced digital and Genius 3D Mammography, highly accurate results and a comfortable spa-like environment.
  • We offer da Vinci™ robotic-assisted gynecologic surgeries, which means less pain, less scarring, quicker recovery and faster return to your active life.

Pregnancy and Birth

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Gynecologic Services

Explore our full range of services for women’s health, including our award-winning gynecologic services and Southwest Virginia’s Breast Care Centers of Excellence.

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