Intensive care medicine at LewisGale Medical Center

Admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) can be frightening, but the board-certified, multidisciplinary team of specialists at LewisGale Medical Center offer compassionate care for our medical, cardiac and surgical ICU patients. Our three units each offer specialized care for a range of conditions, from stroke recovery to open-heart surgery.

For more information on our intensive care units, please call our Consult-A-Nurse® line at (877) 242-2362.

ICU hospital services

Patients who are critically injured or ill are treated at one of our intensive care units. Our medical ICU nurses and specialists treat a variety of conditions.

Medical intensive care unit

Our highly qualified medical intensive care unit (MICU) specializes in stroke care and recovery. We also commonly treat infectious diseases and overflow patients from the surgical intensive care unit and the cardiac intensive care unit. Our intensive care nurses and doctors (intensivists) are equipped with cutting-edge technology to treat acute and rapidly changing conditions.

The MICU is located on the first floor of the hospital and offers open visitation hours. Guests may be allowed to stay in the patient's room overnight, according to the attending nurse's discretion.

Surgical intensive care unit

The surgical intensive care unit (SICU) at LewisGale Medical Center is located on the second floor. We accept general surgery patients from the hospital's operating room requiring additional care for recovery, primarily patients recovering from open-heart surgery.

We welcome visitors and offer open visitation hours at the SICU, however, guests are not allowed to stay overnight. Visitation may be at the discretion of the attending nurse if the patient is in surgery or recovering from a complex condition.

Cardiac intensive care unit

Our cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) treats patients who need critical cardiac care while recovering from a cardiovascular event or condition. We offer several cardiac services, such as recovery from an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) or therapeutic hypothermia (the process of lowering the core body temperature for those who do not regain consciousness after a heart attack). We also treat various conditions like sepsis, gastrointestinal bleeds, strokes and seizures.

The CICU is located on the hospital's third floor. We offer open visitation hours, including overnight stays, at the discretion of the attending nurses. We ask that visitors rotate so only two people are in the patient's room, and only person may stay overnight.

Visiting our intensive care units

We encourage loved ones to visit patients in our medical, surgical and cardiac ICUs as often as they wish. Each of our intensive care units have their own guidelines for visitors, but all units close and lock their doors for security in the evening, so any guests arriving after midnight will need to enter through the ER.

We ask that visitors experiencing flu-like symptoms wait to visit until they have recovered to prevent the spread of infection.

Free parking and valet services are available outside the main hospital entrance for your convenience. If visiting before midnight, you can enter through the main entrance to check in with the registration desk where you will be directed to your next steps.

ICU at LewisGale Regional Health System

The ICU, or intensive care unit, is the department of the hospital where critically ill patients are housed for treatment by a multidisciplinary medical team. Patients in the ICU may require specialized medical equipment and close monitoring by a nurse.

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