Cancer centers throughout southwest Virginia

LewisGale Regional Health System is proud to join the leading network of experts from Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare. Together, we are creating a new era of collaborative cancer care in southwest Virginia. Our oncology network consists of an unrivaled team of trusted local physicians and global cancer resources unmatched by any single cancer center.

Working together, we are redefining cancer care, so that each person facing cancer can fight the disease where they get their greatest strength—in their own community, with the support of friends and family nearby.

To learn more about the services of Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at LewisGale Regional Health System, please call askSARAH at (540) 795-6161.
Meet Sarah. Our first name in cancer care is one you already trust.

Expert cancer care team

With Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at LewisGale Regional Health System, you have a team of cancer experts working together to provide you with the best treatment at the right time in your cancer journey.

Our team includes the following specialists:

  • Medical, surgical and radiation oncologists
  • Surgeons who specialize in hundreds of cancers
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons
  • Dermatologists
  • Pathologists
  • Nurse navigators
  • Oncology social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Financial and legal counselors
  • Chaplains

Nurse navigators

Oncology nurse navigators specialize in cancer and are members of your multidisciplinary care team. They serve as advocates and educators for you from diagnosis through survivorship.

Cancers we treat

Our oncology team includes hundreds of specialists with decades of experience in screening, diagnosing and treating cancers including, but not limited to:

Multidisciplinary cancer treatment conferences

Patients and their families can be assured they are receiving a personalized cancer treatment plan from a team of expert physicians. Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at LewisGale Regional Medical Center has ongoing, weekly multidisciplinary conferences, also known as Tumor Board meetings. At these meetings, physicians from all specialties discuss the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

Multiple access points for cancer care

At LewisGale Regional Health System, we offer more ways to access cancer screening, diagnosis and care than any other health system in the region. Our comprehensive cancer programs include screening and diagnosis, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and inpatient acute care services.

While LewisGale Medical Center is the primary hub for our cancer services, our multiple locations throughout southwest Virginia offer screening and diagnosis:

  • LewisGale Medical Center and LewisGale Hospital offer comprehensive radiation therapy, chemotherapy and infusion therapy.
  • LewisGale Hospitals in Alleghany, Montgomery and Pulaski, as well as LewisGale Medical Center, perform surgery for numerous cancer types. Surgery is most often the first line of defense for the treatment of many cancer types.
  • LewisGale Medical Center performs highly complex, high-acuity surgeries for cancers of the brain, pancreas, liver and lungs. This includes the Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer, thoracic surgery for lung cancer and robotic-assisted surgeries. All of our facilities maintain full accreditation for screening and treatment of cancers.

Comprehensive cancer programs

Cancer network hospitals

Cancer network imaging centers

Cancer care services

Our skilled healthcare professionals respond quickly to your first call and guide you through the entire process from diagnosis to survivorship. Our comprehensive cancer services and treatments include:

  • Cancer, plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Cytoreductive surgery—procedure used to remove tumors from the lining of the stomach
  • Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy—hypothermia therapy used alongside surgery in the treatment of advanced abdominal cancers
  • Minimally invasive and robotic surgery
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Chemotherapy, biotherapy and infusion therapies
  • Genetic counseling
  • Radiation therapy, available at LewisGale Pulaski and LewisGale Salem
    • Brachytherapy for prostate seed implantation, gynecological cancers and small lung lesions
    • Varian linear accelerator
    • Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
    • MammoSite—radiation therapy for breast cancer
    • Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) with on-board imaging
    • Volume-modulated arc therapy (VMAT)
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery—targeted radiation that spares surrounding healthy tissues
  • Nutritional services
  • Recovery and support services
  • Rehabilitation services and lymphedema therapy

Cancer diagnosis

To get the best cancer care, you first need the most accurate diagnosis. LewisGale Regional Health System offers the latest in diagnostic technology, and our physicians are skilled in interpreting results.

Our leading-edge diagnostic and imaging services are available at convenient LewisGale Regional Health System locations throughout southwest Virginia. We’re in your community and take care of you like family.

Our resources include:

  • Computed tomography (CT) high-resolution scanning, including low-dose CT for lung cancer screening
  • 3-Tesla (3T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Digital mammography—the region’s first provider of this powerful breast cancer detection tool
  • Stereotactic, ultrasound or MRI guidance for breast imaging and biopsy
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scanning and combined PET/CT scanning
  • Molecular imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Sentinel node biopsy
  • Hematology services—for detecting and treating cancers of the blood
  • superDimension iLogic—electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy—for early detection of lesions deep within the lungs

Cancer support

Our cancer support services help you and your family through the journey. With outpatient cancer education programs, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation services and support groups, we are committed to managing your health from diagnosis to survivorship.

Genetic testing for cancer

Just as heredity determines the color of your eyes or the shape of your nose, family history may increase your risk for certain types of cancer. The Department of Clinical Genetics at LewisGale Regional Health System can help you and your family understand your cancer risks and how you can manage or reduce those risks.

To learn more about cancer genetic testing, please call LewisGale Regional Health System's Department of Clinical Genetics at (540) 776-4963.

Family-related cancer risk factors

Only approximately five to 10 percent of cancers are hereditary cancers, but you may benefit from genetic education, screening or counseling if you or a family member have any of the following risk factors:

  • A personal or family history of cancer
  • A family history of cancer at an unusually young age (50 years old or younger)
  • A family member diagnosed with more than one type of cancer
  • Two or more family members who have had the same type of cancer
  • Ashkenazi Jewish (Eastern or Central European) ancestry
  • A family member who has tested positive for a cancer gene mutation
  • Multiple polyps in the stomach, colon or intestine
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Male breast cancer

Genetic testing services

At LewisGale Regional Health System, our genetic counselor is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC). The ABGC certification is the gold standard in genetic counseling and assures you are working with health professionals who have the specialized education, training and experience to help you understand the impact of genetics on your health. Services we provide include:

  • Hereditary cancer risk assessment
  • Genetic testing and interpretation
  • Genetic education and counseling
  • Personalized cancer screening and prevention recommendations
  • Coordination of care for people with known or suspected genetic risk

Your genetic testing appointment

First, you’ll meet with our certified genetic counselor to complete a thorough family health history and risk-assessment profile. Next, you’ll discuss your:

  • Potential cancer risk and risk-reduction strategies
  • Benefits and limitations of genetic testing
  • Coordination of same-day genetic testing, if desired, through a simple blood test or saliva test

When your certified genetic counselor receives your test results, you’ll meet again to discuss them and your options for care and follow-up, which may include information to support genetics-related issues and/or participation in clinical trial studies.

Advanced information sharing technology

Complementing our cancer testing and imaging technology, our Picture Archival Communication System (PACS) allows doctors fast access to your medical records, images and test results from anywhere in the LewisGale network. Doctors can use PACS to share images instantaneously with a consulting physician to help you receive the most accurate diagnosis.

About Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

As part of Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare, our family of hospitals provides comprehensive cancer services with convenient access to cutting-edge therapies for people facing cancer in our communities. From diagnosis to treatment and survivorship care, our oncology expertise ensures you have access to locally trusted care with the support of a globally recognized network.

askSARAH helpline

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