Robot-assisted surgery in southwest Virginia

Robot-assisted surgery gives doctors more precise control over surgical instruments, allowing patients to experience better outcomes. This advanced surgery results in significantly less pain, fewer complications, less blood, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to daily activities.

For more information about our robotic surgery program at LewisGale Regional Health System, please call Consult-A-Nurse® at (877) 242-2362.

LewisGale Regional Health System has offered robotic surgery since 2013. As a member of HCA Virginia's Institute of Robotic Surgery, we are part of an entity that has performed more robotic surgeries than any other health system in the state. In addition, our surgeons have undergone specialized and intensive training to use the specific robot required for your surgery. Our highly experienced team of anesthesiologists, nurses and surgical techs have also been trained to support each surgeon's needs.

We offer robotic surgery at LewisGale Medical Center and LewisGale Hospital Montgomery.

How robotic surgery works

Tiny incisions, much smaller than those of traditional surgery, are used to introduce miniature instruments and a high-definition 3D camera. Your surgeon views the magnified image of the surgical site while controlling the robotic equipment, which translates the surgeon's hand movements into precise micro-movements to operate.

davinci robotic surgery with team observing

Robot-assisted procedures we offer

At LewisGale Regional Health System, our experts use robotic surgical systems for a broad range of general, gynecologic, thoracic and spine surgeries, such as: