Robot assisted surgery at LewisGale Medical Center

Robot-assisted surgery allows our surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with more precision and better outcomes. We are proud to offer this procedure at LewisGale Medical Center as part of our commitment to serving patients in Salem, Virginia with the most advanced technology. Our specialists undergo extensive training in the specific robots they use for surgery.

To learn more about the robotic surgery options offered at LewisGale Medical Center, please call (540) 776-4000.

Robotic surgeries we perform

Unlike traditional surgery, robotic surgery allows the surgeon to make tiny incisions and use smaller instruments to perform the procedure. As a result, patients experience less bleeding and fewer complications during surgery. Our surgeons perform the following robotic procedures:

Surgery prep

It's important to follow the specific instructions given to you by our surgery team. If you have additional questions about your procedure, don't hesitate to reach out to our surgery department.

How to find our surgery center

We offer robotic procedures at our surgery center located in the main LewisGale Medical Center building. Once you walk through the entrance, take the main elevator up to the second floor to our surgery center.

We provide free valet parking and a general parking lot outside of the hospital building.

Visitor information

In our waiting room, we have a computerized tracker board so friends and family can keep track of the patient's progress during surgery.

Robotic surgery at LewisGale Regional Health System

Robotic-assisted surgery allows for small incisions and more control, creating access to detailed visuals while controlling robotic arms during procedures. This allows for minimally invasive procedures, offering fewer complications and a faster recovery.

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