Leading-edge shoulder replacement surgery in southwest Virginia

Shoulder replacement surgery can help you live a more active life with less pain. Whether you've had a recent injury or a previous shoulder replacement, LewisGale Regional Health System has surgery options for almost everyone.

To learn more about the shoulder replacement options we offer, contact Consult-A-Nurse® at (877) 242-2362.

Our goal is to restore your shoulder movement and eliminate pain so you can get back to the life you love. Shoulder replacement surgery (or shoulder arthroplasty) involves implanting part or all of a prosthetic ball-and-socket device made from metal and plastic.

Our orthopedic surgeons are recognized for outstanding outcomes, including the lowest infection rates in Virginia, as well as hospital stay and readmission rates below national averages.

The shoulder is comprised of a ball and socket joint as well as fluid that absorbs shock and nourishes the joint. The shoulder's four rotator cuff muscles and their tendons connect the humerus to the scapula and stabilize the shoulder while allowing it to rotate. Injury, overuse or disease can cause damage to the shoulder bone and surrounding muscles and tendons, which can be very painful.

Shoulder replacement options we offer

Our orthopedic care team is committed to restoring your range of motion and eliminating shoulder pain. Based on the condition of your shoulder and presenting symptoms, we will determine the best surgical option for you.

Types of shoulder replacement surgery we offer:

  • Total shoulder replacement. This procedure involves replacing the ball of the arm bone and shoulder blade socket with prosthetics.
  • Partial shoulder replacement (or hemiarthroplasty). This is when the shoulder socket is in good condition and only the ball part of the joint needs to be replaced.
  • Reverse shoulder replacement. A reverse shoulder replacement is performed when rotator cuff tendons are damaged or certain fractures make a total shoulder replacement impossible. During surgery, the ball-and-socket are placed in a reverse position.
  • Shoulder replacement revision. This procedure fixes issues or unresolved pain from a previous shoulder replacement surgery.

Are you a candidate for shoulder replacement surgery?

If you're experiencing a limited range of motion or shoulder pain, you may be a candidate for shoulder replacement surgery. Schedule an appointment with one of our joint experts if you:

  • Experience shoulder pain or stiffness that interferes with your daily life
  • Have pain that wakes you up from sleep
  • Are unable to move your arms above your head or have a limited range of motion
  • Have tried nonsurgical treatments, such as medicines, physical therapy and/or injections, without success

Your trusted orthopedic experts

Using a team-based, personalized approach to care, we help you return to the pain-free lifestyle you deserve. Patients choose LewisGale Regional Health System for:

  • Top-rated surgical care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rank our hospitals in the top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide for improvements in surgical care.
  • Comprehensive preoperative education. To help ease anxiety before surgery, we offer a comprehensive joint replacement class. This includes an inside look at our facility and information on what to expect before, during and after shoulder replacement surgery.
  • Care throughout the journey. We’re here every step of the way with case management and care coordination customized to your needs.
  • Specialized programs for shoulder replacement recovery. We provide inpatient and outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation as well as pain management programs all in one system.