Inpatient mental health programs in southwest Virginia

LewisGale Regional Health System offers inpatient behavioral health services for people 13 years old and older, including impaired professionals and seniors.

If you or a loved one is in crisis, or need more information, call our Access and Response Center at (877) 886-7026 or (540) 776-1100.

Inpatient care at a LewisGale Regional Health System facility addresses acute situations, such as substance abuse detoxification. We provide behavioral health services, management and monitoring of potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms or circumstances when someone is at risk of endangering themselves or others.

Following discharge from one of our inpatient programs, we connect with aftercare providers to establish a follow-up appointment within seven days of discharge.

Senior inpatient mental health care

Senior Transitions is a behavioral health program specifically designed to care for the unique needs of people 55 years old or older. This inpatient program offers seniors 24/7 access to behavioral health care in a calming environment.

Legal notice

When people could endanger themselves or others but are not willing to consent to a voluntary admission, a legal process may be initiated to determine if an individual needs a temporary detention order (TDO) to admit them for additional clinical assessments.

The TDO process is conducted by emergency services staff who screen the individual and request that a magistrate issue the TDO to “temporarily detain” the individual until a hearing can be held to determine appropriate actions, up to and including a commitment.

Remember, this is a legal process established by the laws of each state. Although hearings are held at our facilities and we’re required by law to take certain steps, the process itself is out of our control since it is a legal process governed by the state.

We’re here to assist in finding safe and effective programs and services for each individual in need of mental health services.